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My goal is simple: connect students with their instrument to allow complete creative freedom.

Teaching music is my life! Throughout my 19-year journey as a professional musician, I've helped students create a deep, lasting bond with music. My approach merges tradition with the latest advancements in technology, creating a holistic method that interweaves music, cognitive processes, physicality, and the demands of modernity. This approach not only enhances your skills as a player, but it also deepens your sense of connection with the music itself. As a family man and teacher of guitar, bass, piano, and music production, I believe the best motivator is FUN!

Here are some things students have found valuable about our lessons:


My songs always come out more professional after working on them in a lesson


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Ryan Ehresman performing live at 1015 Folsom, San Francisco‘s biggest nightclub

My musical career began at age 12 as the youngest member of a paid jazz band where I played countless gigs through middle and high school. I intended on going to college for music but, feeling burnt out from mechanical playing, changed my major immediately and graduated at the top of my class with a pure math degree. Realizing I needed a career within music, I worked as a street jazz guitarist in Europe for five years alongside writing and recording for rock and synth projects. I also created a successful YouTube channel focusing on teaching synthesizer techniques and improvisation. Later I got more heavily involved in audio engineering, working with the engineers at Hyde Street Studios, recording, mixing and mastering full bands and my own projects, as well as working in sound design.

I currently live in Sacramento, CA with my wife and three cats. I regularly play gigs as a guitarist, bassist and keyboardist, and continue to work as a professional audio engineer. But teaching music is what I consider to be my true calling in life. My students range from aspiring beginners to ex-classical students rekindling their passion for music.

I was recently featured in the Sequential Artist Spotlight.

Virtual lessons also available!

My rates are based on the school year, with the consistency of monthly payments while school is in session. Like a gym or sport, you pay for access to weekly lessons and my community-building programs. This encourages attendance and simplifies accounting. Alternatively, you may opt to purchase individual lessons. All rates are the same whether you are learning guitar, piano, bass, synthesizers, music production, or anything in between.

Monthly Tuition (Ages 5-12)
Monthly Tuition (Ages 12+)
Individual Lesson (Ages 5-12)
45/half hr
Individual Lesson (Ages 12+)
Piano Tuning
175 (est)
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